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Episode 017 – The Pro-Life Generation | TheBLAST Podcast
March 16, 2016 TheBLAST Podcast

We're back this week with another special edition of TheBLAST Podcast. This week, we dive into the worthy subject of preserving the lives of the most vulnerable among us: The Pre-Born.

We're delighted to welcome Maggie Teton and Michael Maunder to the microphone to share with us a powerful movement that has been happening under our noses to one day see the evil of legal abortion eradicated in our lifetimes. The campaign is called 40 Days for Life and we want to encourage all of you to get involved.

Segment One

Everyone at the table discusses how we became aware of the evil of abortion and why we all feel compelled to do something about it. One great resource for further study is a book by Randy Alcorn called Why Pro-Life? This is the one I spoke about that completely changed my perspective on the issue of abortion.

During the break, a wonderful country tune by Matt Kennon:

Segment Two

In this segment, we get into the origins of 40 Days for life, its successes, its vision its strategy to see lives being saved. See the trailer and book below to get a feel for what 40 Days is doing:

During the break you'll hear a moving song by Casting Crowns called Just Another Birthday:

Segment Three

Finally, we conclude this week's episode with a hopeful perspective on the future. What can you say to someone considering an abortion? What can you do to get involved? 

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