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Episode 024 - Outreach Inspiration (Even For the Untalented)
June 27, 2016 TheBLAST Podcast

Hello and welcome back to TheBLAST Podcast, where we seek to inspire and challenge all Christians, especially those within the Christian Fellowship Ministries.

As many of our listeners know, we have been asked repeatedly to do an episode regarding outreach ideas specifically for those who are not musically talented. Well, this is it! We sure hope it's a blessing to you.

We begin by discussing outreach itself; how the idea of reaching out is built-in to our human DNA in this regard - if you love something, you will talk about it. Whether it be our favorite car, sports team or food, we love to share our passions with others. We also discuss some of the biblical foundations for outreach, such as: Jesus meeting the woman at the well, feeding the 5,000 (and the 4,000), the Day of Pentecost in Acts Ch. 2, and the Apostle Paul's missionary journeys. The analogy that Jesus uses is a very fitting one - fishing.

Our fellowship is one that is built on evangelism. If you have been in any CFM church for more than a few months you have likely heard some of the stories of the ways that the fellowship started - outdoor movies, healing crusades, concerts, door-to-door evangelism and street preaching. From its inception our churches have been active outside the "four walls." Outreach is in our blood. 

We take a quick break and enjoy some Matthew West with his great song, Do Something...

Outreach Inspiration

While we encourage every pastor and disciple to try anything and everything (within reason) to try to win the lost, herein lies the problem. Because our fellowship is known for things like concerts, movie nights and healing crusades, we often put our trust in events rather than in God's ability to draw people regardless of the venue. While we should be creative, trying anything this side of Heaven to win the lost, we know that pastors (especially new and pioneering pastors) run into the mentality of "but I'm so small" or "but I'm not musical." You don't have access to the kinds of funds your mother church has. And you can't sing like Ernie Toppin or Alvin Smith. You don't have a band. In other words, "I CAN'T DRAW A CROWD." Let us take this opportunity to assure you - you're right. You can't... But God can.

The early church in the Book of Acts never, and we stress NEVER scheduled events to draw crowds. That being said it should be obvious that they were not counting on their own musical talents to draw crowds. Instead, what they did was go to where the people were and reach out to them. Think of Paul on Mars Hill. Think of Peter seizing the opportunity to preach to the crowds of thousands resulting in the church as we know it being birthed. Yet, even so, we can't deny that there is a certain pressure that pastors feel to create a huge event that will captivate people; an event that will consume vast amounts of resources, time and, of course, talent. 

May we suggest instead that you forego attempting to draw a crowd, instead go and find the crowd. Bring the event to them. The event does not need to have a live musical act. In fact, it may be even better if it doesn't. One of our observations is that live bands simply don't have the draw that they used to have. We r

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