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Episode 026 – The Pastoral Rebuke: Giving & Receiving | TheBLAST Podcast
September 02, 2016 TheBLAST Podcast

We open the show with a tribute to Sister Mitchell and the impact that she made through her example and her sacrifice. If you haven't seen the Memorial service please watch the Livestream here:

Segment One

We are pleased to be joined be Pastor Paul Alvarez from Houston, TX for the entirety of this episode. Dave was unavailable for recording, so Paul stepped in at the eleventh hour and did a great job for us. We ask you to pray for him and his family as they are going into the mission field of Guangzhou, China in a few short weeks.

We open the show with a word study of the Greek word for rebuke: epitimaōEpi meaning on, in, upon and Timao meaning honor or value. The literal meaning of the word rebuke is "to put higher honor"! That'll preach!

 Thou Art the Man by  Peter Frederick Rotherme from 1881

Thou Art the Man by Peter Frederick Rotherme from 1881

Before the break, we examine one of the most famous rebukes in the bible, when the Prophet Nathan confronts David about his sin with Bathsheba.

In the first break, we hear a relevant song from the group Ashes Remain called Change My Life.

Segment Two

We dive into another famous rebuke in the bible, represented by our cover art this week; when Jesus says to Peter, "Get behind me Satan!". The interesting thing is how quickly Jesus' words turned on Peter. In one instant, Jesus is praising Peter for his revelation from God, calling Peter the rock on which He would build His church. In the next instant, calling him Satan and saying, "you are not mindful of the things of God". Isn't it also true that in discipleship, the atmosphere can quickly change from praise to correction? And sometimes both at the same time?

It's worth your time to soak in the song from the break, called Though You Slay Me by Shane and Shane. Augmented by a sermon clip from John Piper, you'll be reminded that there is no such thing in the Kingdom of God as pain without purpose.

Also during the break, you'll hear an excerpt from a great book by Voice of

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